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  • If you are not in blockchain: this is relevant because it is about designing digital platforms and your business.

  • If you are in blockchain: understand how to design your token structure

  • If you are an investor: figure out which token design is shit and which gives you returns

  • If you are in economics: here’s how to apply your knowledge in the world of tomorrow

We design tokenomics solutions.

Our goal is to provide tokenomics solutions that works in the long run. We design sustainable economics structure with proper incentives.

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The token economics framework is layer 1 of 2 in the entire design solutions.

In layer 1, it looks at designing the rules of the ecosystem. That relates to the rationality in an individual.

But people are not rational! In layer 2, we focus on affecting the irrationality of humans. The focus is on behavioural economics and consumer psychology.

In layer 1, the tokenomics design methodology focuses on three aspects: market design, mechanism design and token design.

  • Market design is the design of the environment. It allows all participants will interact with one another. We want to ensure that the interactions and transactions happen within the environment designed.

  • Mechanism design is the design of the “rules”. For instance, how governance works, how problems will be resolved and how various models can be structured.

  • Token design is the design of the incentives itself: the token. Hence the term, tokenomics. That is a mix of token and economics. Tokens are anything that can represent value. It could be loyalty points, coupons, vouchers, something that represents an asset (e.g. house) or just an asset that has intrinsic value.

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