May 6, 2020 • 29M

EP 7: Real Underlying Issues and Problems in Libra Network

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Lisa JY Tan
We talk about the design of economic systems. This could be video game simulated economy or real business world like frequent flyer points system or blockchain based token economy.
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In this episode, we will unbox the problems, questions and analysis of Libra Network. We will share about the reason Facebook is entering the financial space, how Facebook is looking to extract more value from its platform, the blurred line between government and firms, impact on the Libra coin for retail and institution users.

Libra is not just about world domination with money, but how do we build a better financial infrastructure for the future. We have to understand the causes and effects of the design and find solutions to the existing problems. So we do not bring the same problems into the new digital space.

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